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"I found that I had relaxed so much that I even fell asleep!"
Stella, Environmental Consultant

A Therapeutic Bowen move being performed on a knee

How many treatments?

The Bowen technique is not necessarily a long term program, as a general rule:

  • If your condition has existed for less then two weeks, your Bowen practitioner will probably recommend 2-3 treatments to start with.
  • If your condition has existed for more then two weeks you will probably be recommended 3 – 10 treatments initially.
  • Chronic ailments may require regular treatments over an extended period of time.

Everybody has a different case history and every body has a different response to Bowen. The initially recommended sessions allow the client and the practitioner to assess if additional sessions are required.

A Bowen treatment can be anything between 15 - 45 minutes, and treatments are generally scheduled 7-10 days apart.

The Bowen technique may be used as a preventative treatment and/or for therapeutic relaxation. You may find that a regular 4-6 weekly "top-up/MOTsession" is beneficial and promotes your wellness.

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