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"… ever since Lectric crystals have played an important part of my de-stressing regime."
Martin, IT specialist

Bowtech Lectric Soda Crystals used in the bath may help to relieve muscle aches.

Bowtech Lectric Soda Crystals

This product is my personal favourite as I am very partial to my bath!

Bowtech Lectric Soda Crystals is a natural product developed and formulated in Australia. The exact formation is closely guarded and contains sodium carbonate, natural limestone and natural sodium chloride.

These crystals may help to relieve the symptoms of:

  • oedema,
  • swollen joints,
  • arthritic conditions,
  • bunions,
  • haematoma, and
  • generally tired aching joints and muscles.

They are applied as a pack overnight or/and used in a bath, footbath or hand bowl.
NB: for external use only!

The Bowtech Lectric Soda Crystals and various washable applicators will be shortly available from your therapist. Postal orders are welcome but please note that prepayment will be required by paypal.

650g jar of crystals @ $tbc
200g sachet of crystals @ $tbc
Back applicator @ $tbc
Knee/Elbow applicator @ $tbc

"I’ve always loved baths, as a way of de-stressing after a hard days work in the city. Lately I’d been feeling quite ‘high strung’ and found it extra hard to stay relaxed. I’d heard about Bowtech lectric soda crystals, as being something that had an amazing imbibing quality. Having tried almost everything else, I decided to give them a go. You only need to put a very small amount into the bath, and then just sit back and relax, and relax and relax. I eventually did get out of that bath, and when I did, felt myself gently ‘pulsating’ in such a weird and vibrant way. I felt invigorated and deeply ‘chilled’. I spent the whole evening, feeling energized – it was amazing – ever since Lectric crystals have played an important part of my de-stressing regime. I really can’t recommend them enough. Oh and they are very cleansing too. I feel like I’ve swum in the Red Sea or something."
Martin, IT specialist

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