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"I went from not being able to walk properly to moving without a limp."
Robert, Disability Officer

In order for Bowen to be most effective, you are  reccomeneded to drink plenty of water.


The Bowen technique is a complimentary modality - meaning it may enhance and complement, not interfere with other medical treatments. However, other manipulative therapies (i.e. physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage, etc) undertaken within either a week before or after a Bowen treatment can negate the effect of the Bowen technique.

If you drink less then 1.5l – 2l water a day, you are advised to slowly increase your water intake after making your first appointment. The Bowen technique may work better when your body is well hydrated.

Anyone can receive Bowen treatment, whatever the condition, but it is important to inform your Bowen practitioner if you have breast or any other implants, or if you are, or might be pregnant.

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