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Bowen and Stroke

Bowen may be very beneficial treating people with stroke. For best results regular Bowen sessions should be administered as soon as possible after a stroke attack, however even if the stroke happened years ago Bowen may help with rehabilitation.

The treatment

Unlike the usual approach of Bowen, where "less is more", Bowen therapists try to slightly "overload" the client’s body in order to “wake it up” when dealing with stroke. The treatment is still gentle, and the usual "Bowen breaks" between moves are still observed.

How often and how many sessions?

As the stroke client’s nervous system does not respond in the same way as a "normal" person’s, the usual weekly breaks between Bowen sessions do not need to be observed. Bowen could be administered daily, twice a week or as often as the client feels his body needs it!

Please bear in mind that Bowen treatment for stroke clients is a long term exercise. As every stroke client is different, initially, a minimum of 8 - 10 weekly sessions are recommended. This should enable all involved to judge how responsive the client’s condition to Bowen has been and decide if further Bowen treatments are desired.

Mariann is currently working from her residential abode. These premises are on the 2nd floor and no lift access is available. If traversing the stairs is an issue, home visits can sometimes be arranged. Please contact Mariann to discuss.

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