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"… its use definitely eases the ache."
Julie, PA London

Bowtech Ease may be beneficial to relieve the symptoms of painful arthiritic joints or discomfort caused by bunion.

Bowtech Ease

Bowtech Ease is an ayurvedic aromatherapy blend, which contains a mix of essential oils such as cinnamon leaf, peppermint, black pepper, eucalyptus, camphor, ginger, kunzea and lemongrass with the Indian oils of ashwaganda and sesame.

Bowtech Ease may help with the symptoms of:

  • pain and discomfort from bunions (recommended to use after a Bowtech Lectric Crystals soak),
  • skeletal and muscular pain, and
  • discomfort associated with arthritic fingers and toes.

It is easy to use, only a few drops needed at a time.
NB: not recommended for those with high blood pressure, epilepsy or who may be pregnant!

The Bowtech Ease is available from your therapist. Postal orders are welcome but please note that prepayment will be required by paypal.

50ml with built-in dropper @ $40

"I have suffered with aching hands for a long period of time. I was recommended to use Bowtech Ease and have been using it for the last 6 months. It has not cured the problem but its use definitely eases the ache. I also bought some for my daughter when she was suffering with a neck ache. The product has a pleasant smell. "
Julie, PA London

"Last summer Mariann gave me a bottle of Bowtech Ease to try because I had been getting pain quite regularly in my big toe. I have to admit I was quite sceptical to begin with, I really didn't see how applying a small drop of oil could possibly make any difference at all, but to my surprise it started working almost immediately and while it is not a cure as such, the effect of applying just a thin layer once a day for a few days meant I was completely pain free for several weeks and if the pain begins again I just repeat the process it couldn't be simpler. I have had my bottle for over six months now and I still have half left. So not only have I found this product to be economical, pleasant smelling and simple to apply, I am happy to say that it really does work too."
Mandy, Receptionist

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