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"I am absolutely thrilled and cannot recommend her highly enough."
Mandy, Receptionist

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I'm Mariann. I first got interested in the Bowen technique in 2004 when I was receiving Bowen treatment for a painful shoulder, which I had acquired through working long hours at my desk with my computer. It had been getting steadily worse over two years and was beginning to impact on my ability to do my job properly, as well as affecting my home life too. I had tried many different therapies but nothing seemed to provide any long lasting relief. Eventually, I came across the Bowen technique and after just 4 sessions I felt 10 years younger!

I found the Bowen technique so effective in the treatment of my condition that I realised that not only could it make me feel better but I also wanted to learn the technique so I could help others.

I gained my Bowen practitioner certificate from The Bowen Association UK, the European arm of Bowtech - (Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia - BTAA) in 2008. Having relocated to Perth in 2013, I obtained a Certificate IV in Bowen Therapy from Bowen Training Australia (BTA) in 2015 and I am also a member of the Bowen Association Australia (BAA).

I am committed to taking my study further and since qualifying have attended numerous courses such as:

  • perfecting Bowen technique with Oswald and Elaine Rentsch (two of the foremost Bowen experts in the world) and later with Nicola Hok (one of the leading Bowen teachers in the UK),
  • how to apply the Bowen technique to sports people,
  • how to apply the Bowen technique to stroke victims*, the immobile* and people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome*,
  • a clinical assessment skills course aimed at recognising postural imbalances,
  • a specialized course looking at the underlying mechanics of the Bowen technique, and
  • an advanced procedures course that may be helpful to address the more persistent and unusual symptoms.
  • Mind & Body Bowen, which may facilitate the release of emotional trauma that might be the source of physical discomfort.
* Bowen cannot cure these ailments but may aid the comfort of the client.
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