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The History of Bowen

Founder of the Bowen technique - Tom Bowen

The Bowen technique was named after its founder Mr Thomas Ambrose Bowen, who was born in Geelong Australia in 1916.

In his youth Mr Bowen spent a lot of his time down at his local football club and quickly became interested in how the local masseur treated sports injuries.

Initially he treated his colleagues but due to his success and growing reputation he opened a clinic to practice his work in the late 1950s.

Tom Bowen had a great intuitive understanding of the connections in the body and bodily functions. Tom’s inspiration came from the body’s ability to "self-regulate" all its functions including healing. He incorporated the underlying principles that "structure governs function" and that "everything is interconnected".

As Tom Bowen’s reputation grew, he drew the attention of many health-care professionals interested in this new method. Over the years many of them watched and learned from him but only six are considered to be ‘’Tom’s boys’’. One of them, Oswald Rentsch, began to observe and study under Mr Bowen at his clinic in 1974. During the subsequent years, Mr Rentsch documented and consolidated the techniques he observed. He opened his own clinic in 1976, and after Tom Bowen’s death with his permission, he began to teach the technique in 1986.

A picture of Ossie and Elaine Rentsch - leading Bowen experts.

In order to preserve the technique in its original form, Oswald and his wife Elaine Rentsch founded Bowtech, the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia (BTAA) in 1987.

This academy is now considered as the worldwide professional accrediting organisation and has trained thousands of Bowen practitioners since its inception.

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